Body Blitz 365 Program

For a limited time, we are offering the program for 1/2 price $74.99.

Body Blitz 7 Day Cleanse included in the Body Blitz 365 Program.

This program takes you through a daily total body workout. Total body workouts make you less prone to injury and focus on multi-joint movements. Every workout will include a vertical push/pull movement, a horizontal push/pull movement, a hip dominant movement, a knee dominant movement and rotation. We never overuse the joints in a single workout. Your core will be stronger than ever and you’ll burn more calories!

We also focus on foam rolling, dynamic warm-ups, corrective exercise, and cardio interval drills to prevent injury and to promote active rest throughout the series.

The 7 Day Cleanse will help you jump start your weight loss, remove the toxins from your body and prepare for your new way of eating. A six week meal plan is also included.

Includes membership to our Body Blitz 365 FaceBook Community and a weekly calls w/ Latreal Mitchell to answer questions on FB Live.

$149.99 $74.99


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